At Highlife Sober Living Sober Living and Recovery, we strive to provide our program participants with every resource they could need to aid in their unique recovery process. Studies have shown that the most critical time in ones sobriety is when they come out of treatment.

Returning to your previous environment leads to relapse in as much as 90% of addicts. We believe that providing our program participants with a high end, clean, modern, community based environment to live will allow each resident to focus on his sobriety.

Are on site campus manager is a physician who will take a detailed assessment upon your arrival. This information will be shared with our on site alcohol and drug counselor along with our board certified addiction medicine physician and our addiction nurse practitioner. Are certified professionals will then meet with you to create an individualized accountability program if you are coming from alcohol and drug treatment, we strive to continue and maintain your discharge plan.

Our professional work with the house managers to engender a real sense of community support. Every individual is welcomed into the fold. As the Twelve Step Programs have known for over 80 years, support from others in Recovery is vital in developing an abstinent lifestyle.

HSL's program surrounds you with certified professionals who specialize in helping individuals with Alcoholism or Drug Addiction (AoD) transition from Treatment back to the general community. HSL's CEO is a Board Certified Addiction Medicine Physician and our Chief Operating Officer is an Addiction Nurse Practitioner, both with an active presence on our Campus.

Our Service Coordinator is a Certified and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and our campus manager is a physician, responsible for our three times a week alcohol and drug testing. Both of these individuals live on Highlife sober living campus.

 After Care
We strive to assist our program participants continue with any treatment plan created at the time of your discharge, if coming from alcohol and drug treatment center. In addition, our sister organization, Highlife Recovery, is also available to all of our sober Living participants, regardless of insurance or ability to pay.

Each participant meets individually and with other participants on a regular basis with our alcohol and drug counselor. Our counselor along with the house managers provide support and help you develop a 12 step recovery program. this along with three times a week alcohol and drug testing provides an excellent backbone to your early recovery program are professionals assist participants develop their own 12 step recovery program.

 Need More Information Please call us @ 614-477-2312, if you think you may be interested in Participating in our Sober Living Community.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!